Regional Reports


April 2012 / Liber Scal & Alicia Batana

In Buenos Aires there is an increasing interest in tap dance. Enthusiastic teachers continue their classes; TV appearance of Castro Videla Twins, Monica Povoli's shows of "tap and music" and the appearance on TV of the popular tap director Anibal Pachano have all contributed to the difusion of this form of art.


March 2012 / Dance Studio Life Magazine - "40 Going on 40"

It’s Friday, August 26, 2011. Hurricane Irene is bearing down on the Atlantic seaboard and everyone in New Jersey is in full-on disaster preparedness mode. Roads are jammed with vacationers and shore dwellers trying to flee the approaching storm ahead of a declared state of emergency and major roadway shutdowns. In stores up and down the state, flashlights, batteries, water, and other necessities are flying off shelves.


by Jim Taylor / Aug 2011

2011 has been a year of adventure and excitement! Los Angeles tap dancers/teachers have been busy teaching both here and abroad.

The Rhythmic Angels of Japan


Yukiko "Smilie" Misumi, May 2011


Every spring we have 2 big events in Tokyo and this year it was a hard time with the earthquake disaster in Japan. All of our Japanese tap dancers suffered from the disaster, but our love for tap dance never died - we supported each other and shared the stage. On April 16-17, we celebrated International Tap Dance Day (produced by Hideaki) at Miellparque Hall.

Chicago Tap Summit

Breaking Barres
Nov, 2010
Since the very beginnings of the Tap Summits, we have always had a great time going down and showing our support. It has now been existence for 6 years, this year being its most successful yet! They always have a way of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The festival is small so it’s a great first away from home festival. Everyone who walks in is treated like family. For those itching to leave the nest and try something on international soil, start saving your pennies now!