By Jacobs Pillow

Recorded July 1, 2010


[picture link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7yqU8icB-s&feature=youtu.be]

Constance Valis Hill, author of Tap Dancing America, A Cultural History (Oxford University Press 2010), is joined by tappers Dianne Walker and Derick K. Grant to discuss the rooted history and the cutting edge future of tap dance in America. Moderated by Jacob's Pillow Scholar-in-Residence Maura Keefe.


PillowTalks feature world-renowned choreographers, dancers, authors, filmmakers, historians, and critics in live hour-long moderated discussions of the cultural forces shaping the field of dance. Curated by Jacob's Pillow Director of Preservation Norton Owen and moderated by Jacob's Pillow Scholars-in-Residence, PillowTalks use dance as a prism to explore the world at large.

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